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  • Ayushakti Ayurveda’s Dr Smita Naram’s bid to build an Indian MNC

    When she was 10, Dr Smita Naram had a severe stomach ache. The pain was so acute that her parents  suspected it was appendicitis,  and thought of..

    Women in Business

    Being a woman in the corporate world can be challenging. Although we are living in the modern world, there are still some people who believe that men are better than women especially in business. To prove people wrong about their assumptions, there are several women who have high positions in large companies. Some of them are Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook; Indra Nooyi, CEO and chair of PepsiCo; and Irene Rosenfeld, chairman and CEO of Kraft.

    These women were able to give huge contributions to the companies that they are working for. They provide marketing strategies to reach a wide range of consumers, persuade consumers to buy their products and services, and reduce company cost to profit more. Some of their strategies are centered on the use of the internet. One of their strategies is to buy instagram followers cheap price.

    Earning Money Using the Internet

    In order to support yourself and your family, you need to have a stable income. Thus, even after women married and have children, they have to stay employed. They have to choose between quitting their job to stay at home and take care of their children or to let nannies take care of their children so they can still go to work. This decision is very tough, especially with the failing economy. Families can’t solely rely on one member to earn an income to meet the needs and pay for the expenses. Thus, most mothers were left with no choice but to get back to their jobs and simply hire a nanny for their kids. However, with the help of the internet, mothers can now have an online job. One of the most famous online jobs is playing free online games. Some companies play online users to test their games.

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  • Women ‘pay it forward’ more than men do, Shachi Irde, Executive Director, Catalyst India

    Shachi Irde is the Executive Director of Catalyst in India, an organization rooted in research to expand opportunities for women at workplaces. Shachi has over 17 years..

    Balancing Work, Family, and Social Life

    In the past, women are treated as second-class citizens. They don't have freedom and must obey the men in their family. They are expected to stay at home, bear children, and take care of the family. However, times have changed and so is the role of the women in our society. Today, women are now a symbol of empowerment and strength and have equal rights and freedom like men. They can now choose to work and pursue the career they want. With this, the role of women became bigger. They are now expected to help their husband to provide for the family and take care of the children at the same time. Thus, balancing work, family, and social life is challenging. In order to fulfill our role, women must take care of themselves first. In, there are several top 10 reviews that can help women.

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  • Women In Business

    It was always thought in most parts of the world that women could not have any big role in business. Many took it as fact that they could not run a business, they could not build a business and they could not make a business succeed. Over the recent years of course, this notion was proven false as many women have not only been successful at building their own businesses, some have even surpassed their male counterparts.

    Many sites talking about targeted traffic and whatnot would have people believe that having a business succeed is so easy and reading about the stories of how these women have succeeded would have the same effect. Even so, the mere fact that women have been succeeding in business is a development that is sure to encourage even more women to go into business.


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